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Founded by The Robinson's Brothers Dekori (17) and Christian Robinson (16).

These entrepreneurs vision are clear; to inspire, encourage, motivate and educate teens and young adults by highlighting amazing success stories of peers their age!


So what makes our magazine different? The magazine is a tool and a guide for our youth.

The magazine not only focuses on teens and young adults in the entertainment world and the hottest trends, but it also focuses on health and wellness of teens, financial literacy and money management tips, college tips, addresses bully awareness. It also highlights teen and young adult entrepreneurs, sports athletes, and much more, these are real stories of hope, inspiration, the lows and highs of teens by teens.


Christian aka Kindafye

The Robinson Brothers are taking care of business- 16-year-old Christian and 17-year-old DeKori are both published models and actors. They’ve won numerous awards for being entrepreneurs and entertainers and have been featured in several national magazines.


DeKori, 17 years old, is the proud winner of the Atlanta’s Hottest Male Model Award. He made his television debut at the age of 7 on Drop Dead Diva. He has been in national commercials and is currently, when not studying, working on his fashion line- set to debut in December of 2019! At school, he is a track runner and the runningback of the school football team. In his downtime, he loves art, architecture and music. He has already mastered the saxophone, bass, and guitar. His endless ambition and boundless potential have him pursuing a promising career in engineering!

IG @dekori_

Chri$tian, 16 years old, is popularly known by his stage name Kindafye. Chri$tian is the decorated winner of the Atlanta’s Hottest Musician Award, and, is also the CEO of his own apparel brand, FYE (Find Your Element). Christian founded this company after his experiences with bullying. He was determined to move past this bit of nastiness, with strength and goodwill. Now, he inspires and encourages other teens to find their inner strength to overcome all obstacles in life! Stepping up to help other kids at school won him a Compassion Award from his teachers! He has even been featured in music videos by Wildfire and Aaron Cole.

Kindafye’s main passion is for music, and he is an award-winning drummer, as well as a singer and rapper. For the past three years, he has played with the AMP Music Series Orchestra, and he is a part of the drumline at his high school. He is currently working on his amazing upcoming R&B debut album


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